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Air Quality Solutions is your #1 choice for residential and commercial air-duct cleaning, air filtration work, and air purification equipment and installation for the Rochester and southeastern Minnesota area. With over 8 years of experience in providing quality Air Duct Cleaning / Heating / Cooling solutions, call us today for a FREE air quality consultation.

Dirty Air Ducts and Health RisksRead about the potential health risks from dirty air ducts.

Dirty Air Ducts and Health RisksRead about the equipment and methods we use.

12 steps to a cleaner air duct


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Our Experience / Qualifications

Air Quality Solutions is NOT a carpet cleaning company. We are a Heating and Ventilation Company that specializes in residential and commercial air duct cleaning and filtration systems.

Our highly trained journeyman have years of experience in heating and ventilating systems. Our technicians fully understand how your system operates and can get your entire system cleaned right the 1st time. This gives us an edge over our competitors, in that, if you don’t understand how the system works…HOW can you clean it properly?.

Not all "Duct cleaners" are created equal!

Since there are no local or state regulations governing the air duct cleaning industry, anyone with a vacuum purchased at a local hardware store or a simple attachment for a carpet cleaning truck can claim to be an "Air Duct Cleaning Company."


You can take action TODAY to make sure that the air in your home or business is not causing harm to your family or employees.

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