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Our Services

We provide Commerical and Residential Services to both improve the indoor air quality and to provide a more comfortable Heating/Cooling environment.

Air Quality Solutions specializes in not only cleaning ducts, but maintaining the air quality of your home/business. We sell and install a full line of filtration and disinfections systems by Ultravation which utilizes ultraviolet and photo-catalytic oxidation processes. These processes are the latest technology on the market for maintaining air quality. Because these systems are installed in your existing ventilation system, it many times requires us to modify/replace a section of the ductwork by the furnace. Our service trucks are fully equipped mobile sheet metal shops which allow our trained technicians to perform these modifications on site on the same day that we are performing other services.

Air Quality Solutions also provides the following services:

  •  Air Duct Cleaning
  •  Dryer Vent Cleaning
  •  Heating and Cooling Solutions
  •  Disinfection and Filtration Systems

Our FREE Air Quality Consultation Includes:

  • Video inspection inside furnance and ductwork.
  • Efficiency inspection of filtration, furnance & A/C system
  • Particle count readings of airbourne debris
Our Prices

We offer an "Air Quality Consultation" that is absolutely FREE of charge, and with NO obligation to anyone interested in our services.

A trained technician will meet with you at your home; perform a full color video inspection of the inside of your duct work, discuss in further detail with you what many services we can offer and determine which of these services would best fit your specific needs. A few of the services we offer range from “Basic Duct Cleaning” and/or “Dryer Vent Cleaning” to whole house “Disinfection and Filtration Systems”. Our trained technician will then provide you with a price to perform whatever services you desire.


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